Build a Widget to place on Your Site

Ask a Question Widget

Do you have a website or blog? By adding this widget to your site, you will allow your users to ask a question on Control Systems Application and Knowledge Store QA from within your own site.

Adding a widget is easy, just follow the steps below to customize your widget and when you're finished, copy the code at the bottom of this page and paste it where you would like it to appear on your site. Currently, you may only add one ask question widget to each page on your site.

Customize Your Widget

Pick colors to complement your own site design.

Custom title:
Custom subtitle (optional):
Header color:
Background color:
Border color:
Display a Title Bar:
Apply Widget Border:
Apply Margins:


This is how your widget will appear on your site. This preview will update automatically as you change the options.



Use this code on your website

Just click on the code below to select it, then copy and paste it into your webpage.

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